NubOnubs treats are awesome treats for your cat or dog.  Two varieties are marked for dogs and two are marked for cats, however all can be fed to either dogs or cats.

NubOnubs Beefy Treats are freeze dried beef treats. 

NubOnubs Green Tripe Treats are freeze dried green tripe treats. 

NubOnubs Chicken and Milk Treats are freeze dried ground chicken, milk and herring oil treats.

NubOnubs Salmon Treats are freeze dried salmon treats.

These treats must be used within 30 days of opening. 

NubOnubs come in small packages because they must be fed within 30 days, to preserve freshness.  They do not come in a large bag to avoid spoilage.  Instead, we price them cheaper as you purchase more bags of them.  So, the price goes down, the more you buy.

NubOnubs are small, bite sized treats perfect for training.  And because they are ingredients that are healthy for your dog or cat, you don't have to worry about over feeding your pet.