During the week, once an order has been paid for in our system, we work to get it picked and packed immediately.  Your package can literally be on a pallet ready to be shipped within hours of placing the order.  If the timing is just right, it can actually be within the same hour!  Once it is on that pallet, among hundreds of other packages, we cannot cancel your order.  

So, we cannot actually cancel your order in most cases. 

There are rare times when an order can be canceled.  However, if you email us requesting to cancel your order, we may have your order picked, packed and ready to go before we even read your email.  So, it's best to call us and actually speak with someone about this.

As far as changing your order, again...this is a tough thing to do.  We can try.  However, if you read the above information, you will understand that your order prints into our warehouse as soon as you submit your order online or we place your order via phone. 

Again, if you need something changed in your order, we recommend calling us or using our online chat feature (when available). This would be the best way to stop the process, however in most cases, an order cannot be changed once it has been placed.