Letter From Customer

Dear Dinovite:

Thank you for helping me determine that my dog suffers from yeast.  The hour we spent on the phone as well as the numerous emails back and forth have really helped me understand. Unfortunately, I won't be ordering your product because it contains yeast, which I am trying to get rid of in my dog.


Fluffy's Owner

Deep Breath.  Begin Typing Response.

Dear Fluffy's Owner:

Yes, your dog has yeast.  I can tell by the symptoms you describe: paw licking, stinky skin, chronic ear problems, itchy skin, flaky skin but oily enough to leave a stench on your hands when you pet him, stinky house from stinky dog, and so on.

What your dog is suffering from is Candida albicans, a single cell organism that lives on the lining of your dog's digestive tract and feeds on sugars in your dog's system, mainly obtained through a high carb/grain based diet. On this type of diet, your dog's immune system suffers, however these yeast buggers thrive and "yeast overgrowth" takes place.

What you would be feeding your dog in Dinovite whole food supplements is actually nutritional yeast, something totally different.  Nutritional yeast is a complete protein with 18 amino acids and a superfood containing a whole host of B vitamins, plus other vitamins and minerals.

Just order the Dinovite and SuprOmega Fish Oil supplements. Fluffy will thank you!



Fluffy's 3 Step Yeast Infection Solution:

  1. Feed Fluffy a MEAT rich diet.  Choose either a high quality, meaty dog food or a nutritious Homemade Dog Food Recipe.
  2. Add Dinovite for dogs, or Dinovite for cats AND SuprOmega to Fluffy's diet EVERY SINGLE DAY!  You won't see changes and healing by adding these things once a week or skipping it a couple times a week.  Fluffy requires these nutrients to fight the yeast!
  3. Be persistent and consistent.  Don't give up for at least 90 days.  Don't be tempted to buy poor quality food and skip the supplements or Fluffy will be right back where he started. Feel free to use a soothing shampoo like DogOsuds to benefits your pet's skin on the outside as the Dinovite works from the inside.

Don't forget, at any point in your pets Dinovite journey, stay in touch. We are here to help and have been able to do so for years with thousands of pets. Call us Monday - Friday 9am-10pm EST at 859-428-1000 or send us an email at Customersupport@dinovite.com