This is the million dollar question everyone asks. Especially this season! T'is the season of mowing, pruning, trimming and planting! Having a luxurious green manicured lawn is almost as "in" as getting that great mani-pedi before swimming season!

Why Does The Grass Wither And Die Where My Dog Pees?

This happens because a dog's body pH is imbalanced. Their normal pH is very acidic (to kill bacterial and foreign bodies in the intestines) When their pH is off, it can become even more acidic (killing the grass and discoloring it or other delicate things.) To get your furry friend's body back in the proper swing of things, make sure he has plenty of water to drink, and a solid meaty base to his diet. With many processed food types and brands, it's hard to find a happy medium that's good for your dog and your budget! Here's a great recipe how-to to get you started! Homemade dog food recipe.Click here to learn about choosing he best diet to help get your dog's pH balanced naturally!

Add A Vitamin Supplement!

Did you know that many commercial dog foods are missing vital nutrients? Since most commercial foods (both canned and dry) are heat processed, this kills some of the delicate vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy skin, coat and immune system! Adding a vitamin supplement can help re-vamp your dog or cat's diet by adding the necessary vitamins. Check out Dinovite's Canine supplement  as a whole food alternative to synthetic vitamins!

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