The History Of DogOsuds

I have eczema.  I have had it since 9th grade.  And, I have sensitive skin.  Over the past 30+ years, I have had to become a label reader.  Trying anything new on my skin can be a disaster!

About 20 years ago, one of my kids brought home lice.  Yes, I am admitting it.  We never figured out if it was my daughter's summer camp or my son's shared tee-ball helmets.  But by the time we figured out we had it, we ALL had it!  You see, both my daughter and I lived daily with itchy scalps so it didn't feel much different to me!

So, up to the local drugstore I went...and returned with some pretty toxic stuff.  I was the first to use it and it felt like someone had lit my head on fire.  Now, as an adult, I probably could have continued using it (every 9 days) but I couldn't see putting this stuff on my three kids that ranged in age from 11 down to 2! Then I read the ingredients and the warnings, GASP...yes, I know, I should have read these first!

So, I started researching what I could do to solve this problem, naturally.  I shaved my boys' was summer...they looked quite stylish.  But, what could I do for me and my 11 year old daughter?  I worked in an office and she was not going to go for the shaved summer do!

What I found was incredible information on therapeutic grade essential oils!  I could mix some oils with my shampoo, follow a protocol for the next 10 days and rid us all of these buggers without poisoning us or causing my daughter and I pain!

So, I mixed it up and used it accordingly and got rid of our lice problem.

The Most Amazing Thing?

It healed my eczema!  At the end of that 10 days, my itchy, flaky, sore head was healed!  And, everytime I used the shampoo, it felt wonderful!Years later, my daughter traveled out west, to Central America, to Ireland and France.  Most parents just wait for those calls from their kids, "Please send money."  Not my girl, she would call and ask, "Could you please send my oils?"

Fast Forward

After starting to sell Dinovite dog supplement about 10 years ago, I began to see a need for a dog shampoo that had no harsh chemicals, no "unknown ingredients", no "medicated" shampoo with irritating ingredients. Our customers' dogs were itchy.  They had sores.  They were biting holes in themselves.

My dogs were already being bathed in my special mix of therapeutic grade essential oils, as were my family members and my friends.  So, we introduced DogOsuds!  After many years of studying the value of therapeutic grade essential oils and how each one has a slightly different role to play in skin care, we came up with the 4 varieties we have currently.

DogOsuds Comes In 4 Varieties:

  • Essential Oil Blend:Contains a blend of organic, therapeutic grade essential oils (EOs) that heal, soothe and support skin health in a base of organic saponified oils. Smells earthy like a blend of sandalwood, tea tree and mint. Uses:  For dogs. Overall skin health, natural insect repellent properties, soothing to itchy skin.
  • Peppermint/Tea Tree: Contains a blend of organic, therapeutic grade peppermint and tea tree essential oils in a base of organic saponified oils.  Smells minty. Uses: For dogs. Naturally kills yeast on the skin, soothes and heals itchy skin, natural insect repellent properties.
  • Lavender: Contains organic, therapeutic grade lavender essential oil in a base of organic saponified oils.  Lavender has properties that promote super skin care. Smells like lavender. Uses: For dogs.  Naturally cleans and conditions coat and skin.  GETS RID OF SKUNK SMELL with the first bath!
  • Unscented: Contains organic saponified oils with no fragrance for super sensitive pets OR people. Uses:  For dogs AND cats!  Overall gentle, non-irritating, easy rinsing shampoo.

You can purchase these in individual 8 oz. squeeze tubes. You can purchase them separate or in a bundle of all 4 varieties!

Enjoy using these natural, soothing, healing, non-irritating, fast rinsing shampoos on your dog!  Giving your dog a bath can now be more like a spa treatment for both of you!  (OK, maybe that's pushing it, but the bathroom will smell wonderful and your dog will smell fresh and feel so good even 3 days later!) Our customers actually take their DogOsuds to their groomer to be used on their dogs!

  • NOTE: Only the Unscented variety is suitable for cats or ferrets.  I have read studies of the possible side effects of essential oils on cats and do not want you to take any chances with your furry friend!