Breakfast, lunch & dinner -- nothing but junk! How would your body respond to a diet like that? Most cats eat store-bought food. Cats are carnivores. To be at their best they should have a diet of MEAT. So, the best cat foods are full of meat. However, this is not usually the case.

The following is a cut and paste from the website of a popular dry cat food:

  • "Unlock an ultimate seafood experience for your cat with ocean fish, albacore tuna, salmon, yellowfin tuna and crab flavors – with a touch of seaweed. This ideal everyday meal is 100% complete and balanced for cats of all ages."

Sounds like that food is going to just be packed with meat for your carnivore cat, right? Take a closer the small print...around back!

Here are the first five listed ingredients in the same food cut and pasted from the same website:

  • Ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, poultry by-product meal, meat and bone meal, animal fat 

What happened to the "ultimate seafood experience?" Sounds like a trip to the chicken coop to eat chicken feed if you ask me. Now to be sure, the ocean fish, tuna and salmon are in there, they're just not in the same proportions as the statement on their website. There was no mention of ground yellow corn in their ad, was there?

Meat, meat and more meat. That's what they feed the big cats in the zoo isn't it? Think about it; have you ever seen a big cat show where they were stalking...CORN?

What You Won't Read On A Cat Food Label

What you won't find on labels is all of the processing that takes place during manufacturing. Most cat food is cooked or irradiated during the manufacturing process. Heat and irradiation destroy or seriously damage digestive enzymes, beneficial vitamins and delicate nutrients every cat needs to maintain good health and a strong immune system.

Without them, the immune system can weaken and your cat's health can diminish. Your cat can become miserable. Nutritional deficiencies like amino acid deficiency, fatty acid deficiency and zinc deficiency can develop. Some time later, your beloved kitty may begin to noticeably show signs of these nutritional deficiency diseases by itching, excess shedding, excessive licking, red skin.

Dinovite For Cats Delivers

Dinovite for cats delivers what your cat needs to be healthy and happy. Cats should not constantly shed and healthy ones don't! Cats should not scratch and itch endlessly and healthy ones don't!

Give you little buddy all he needs. of Dinovite for cats  can boost your cat's immune system today. The solution is just a click away!

So, in determining the best diet for your cat, the main ingredient should be meats and fats.  And, adding the delicate nutrients back into his diet using Dinovite Feline liquid will give him the tools he needs to be healthy, happy, itch and shed free!

NOTE:  Cats are "obligate carnivores" which means that they have absolutely no nutritional requirement for carbs.  Their bodies are created to eat small animals so muscle meat and organ meats should make up the whole or at least the majority of your cat's diet.  Dinovite for Cats is a meat based whole food supplement that you add to your cat's food.  It contains vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, enzymes, probiotics...delicate nutrients that just don't make it through the heat and/or extrusion processing of most all cat foods.