Ok, call us strange, but we are so excited to be able to offer preservative free, nothing but the beef, super healthy treat for your dog (or cat)!  Green tripe!  YIPEE!

NubOnubs Green Tripe Treats...Your dog is gonna' go NUTS for them!  And, they are about the healthiest thing goin' for him!

Tripe Is Great!

  • So, what makes tripe such a superb, nutrient dense food for your dog or cat? Woodson-Tenant Laboratories, Inc. in Georgia did an analysis of green tripe and found what most people had speculated but had never proven scientifically.
  • The calcium:phosphorous ratio is indeed 1:1, the overall pH is on the acidic side which is better for digestion, protein is 15.1, fat 11.7 and of course it contained the essential fatty acids, Linoleic and Linolenic, in their recommended proportions. And, when you freeze dry green tripe, you get even more in small bites!
  • Not surprisingly, green tripe also contains Lactic Acid Bacteria. Lactic Acid Bacteria is also known as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which is the main "good bacteria" in yogurt which aids in healthy digestion and building a top-notch digestive system.
  • Green tripe is also loaded with gastric enzymes and amino acids. These beneficial "juices" not only aid the cow's digestion, but your pet's digestion as well.  The amino acids are necessary for muscular development, and the other gastric juices are the best cleaner for their teeth!
  • Cooking, bleaching or scalding the tripe destroys almost all of the enzymes and amino acids. Freeze drying maintains the integrity of the nutrients so your dog or cat is getting a super dose of required nutrients in a treat he'll go crazy for!

Heck, my dog just ate a bag of NubOnubs Tripe Treatswith a drizzle of Dinovite Liquid Canine supplement for dinner.  Sort of like Super Healthy Fast Food for Fido!