Here at Dinovite, we use the highest quality, organic saponified oils as the base for our DogOsuds shampoos. To this, we add therapeutic grade essential oils specifically chosen for their therapeutic and healing properties. We do not add "fragrances" or "aromatherapy grade" essential oils.

  • DogOsuds® Essential Oil Blend- Contains a blend of organic, therapeutic grade essential oils (EOs) that soothe and support skin health in a base of organic saponified oils. It's scent earthy like a blend of sandalwood, tea tree oil and mint. Uses: Bathing dogs; overall skin health, natural insect repelling properties and soothing to itchy skin. Tea-tree oil naturally kills yeast and bacteria on the skin.
  • DogOsuds® Peppermint/Tea Tree shampoo Contains a blend of organic, therapeutic grade peppermint and tea tree essential oils in a base of organic saponified oils. Minty, earthy scent. Uses: Bathing dogs. Tea-Tree oil naturally kills yeast on the skin, soothes itchy skin and has natural insect repelling properties. Cooling and refreshing for skin.
  • DogOsuds®Lavender- Lavender is known as one of the best essential oils overall for skin. For dogs and people! Contains organic, therapeutic grade lavender essential oil in a base of organic saponified oils.  Lavender has properties that promote super skin care. Smells like: Earthy lavender. Uses: Bathing dogs.  Naturally cleans and conditions coat and skin.  GETS RID OF SKUNK SMELL with the first bath!
  • DogOsuds® Unscented - Mainly for people who want a high quality, organic oil based shampoo without anything added. Contains organic saponified oils with no fragrance for super sensitive pets OR people.  Uses:  For bathing dogs AND cats!  Overall gentle, non-irritating, evenly rinsing shampoo.
  • DogOsuds ™ 80z Shampoo Bundle-  You can also purchase a bundle of the DogOsuds shampoos together in a 4 pack.

NOTE: ONLY the Unscented variety is suitable for cats or ferrets.  There are studies of the possible side effects of essential oils on cats and we do not want you to take any chances with your furry friend!


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