What Causes Bad Dog Gas?

A dog's gas is a direct sign that he is having difficulty digesting his food. Most people feed their dogs a dry commercial kibble dog food. These are loaded with carbohydrates, fillers, rancid fats, dies and chemicals that can all upset your dog's digestive tract and cause stinky gas. In the USA, it is the practice to feed dog foods that are largely made of grains. Grains are very hard for your dog to digest resulting in digestive upset and bad gas. To eliminate the gas issues, you need to modify your dog's diet and add elements that will help him digest his dog food more fully. Some important elements to include are digestive enzymes. It is important to feed your dog fresh meats, animal fats and oils. Stay away from grains and fillers; both cause bad gas in dogs.


By design, dogs are carnivores and scavengers. Rodents, birds and small animals would make up the majority of a wild dogs diet. Raw meats are full of beneficial digestive enzymes. These enzymes help dogs digest their food more completely and without producing a bunch of gas. Meats, cartilage, animal fats, oils and digestive enzymes are what your dog desperately needs. Commercial dog food has been cooked to death. The high heat and pressure destroys delicate nutrients, enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Your dog needs these to thrive. Most dogs, when tested, are enzyme deficient. It's no wonder when they eat a heat processed food their whole lives! People are starting to realize that many of their dog's problems are caused by the food they're eating daily. Dogs are routinely poisoned by aflatoxin and melamine in dog food. There is dog food recall after dog food recall. What are we feeding our dogs? It is no wonder our dogs have bad gas!

Dog Gas Remedy


You can help your dog stop stinking up the house, with this "dog gas remedy." Change his dog food, start feeding your dog a dog food that more closely replicates what a wild dog would eat. We have a Dog Food Recipe that is nutritious,highly digestible, easy to make and economical.

Check out our Homemade Dog Food and purchase the two supplements to make your own dog food. And be on your way to a gas free happy dog.

Special note: It is important to add the supplements to the dog food recipe to prevent nutritional deficiencies in your dog. Watch our  Homemade Dog Food Video and get started today!

Here is a quick list of ingredients you will need to get started making our homemade dog food.

Homemade Dog Food Ingredients

  • 5 pounds ground meat ( I use 70/30, this is the high fat content ground meat)
  • 9 eggs
  • White rice
  • Dinovite Powder (Supplies digestive enzymes, trace minerals, fatty acids, vitamins and Direct Fed Microbials)
  • 1 tube of Lickochops or SuprOmega (Supplies additions Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty Acids and Natural source vitamin E)

Special note: Dogs have a very acidic stomach (PH of 1) environment that kills the bacteria on fresh meat. This is how they can eat fresh meat and not get sick. It is also why dogs can knock over garbage cans, eat the contents and live to do it again the next week. After all they are scavengers. It all makes sense.

This Dog Food Recipe is easy and economical to make.

Dogs fed fresh meat based diets, digest their food well, are less gassy and have smaller, more compact bowel movements.