T'is the season of holidays! This is the time of year many people decorate their houses and have much company. Having a stinky pup can be embarrassing! Here's how to rid your pooch of his not so merry odor BEFORE your guests arrive!

Common Issue

One of the most common issues pet owners face today, is an unpleasant odor even after bathing. All dogs have a culture called Candida yeast. This yeast is present all of the time but does not always manifest outwardly. Usually an unpleasant odor coming from ears, paws and/or the skin, is a sign of an overgrowth of this yeast. This yeast is mainly found in the intestines and is there to help digestion; however when a dog eats too many carbs, starches, and grains, the yeast can grow and begin to spread to other parts of the body such as ears, pads of paws and belly.

Three Steps 

  1. CHANGE YOUR DOG'S DIET and get rid of the yeast from the INSIDE! The NUMBER ONE way to get rid of unwanted yeast is to change the diet. Click Here for a beginner's guide to raw feeding! Feeding raw meat is not harmful to canines, they have a very acidic pH to their digestive system which destroys the bad bacteria, allowing them to eat things like the neighbor's garbage, and live to do it all over again! Dogs are mainly carnivores, they don't really need carbohydrates or grains in their diet as these don't digest well and usually just result in excess waste. Along with change in diet, adding a nutritional supplement is a great way to build up the immune system. Dinovite's Nutritional Supplement is a blend of highly absorbable vitamins and minerals to help balance and regulate the digestive tract and build up a healthy strong body! Try this carb free homemade diet to see the huge difference it could make for your dog in 30-60 days! When a dog eats grains, these break down into sugars in the system. These sugars get stored and feed the native yeast culture eventually creating an over population. This culture will begin to come out through their pores, through their ears and their pads in their paws, becoming a very irritating problem for your pup. Many people aren't aware of the signs until it has gotten pretty bad!
  2.  Clean your dog's ears! When your dog's ears have a stale odor and/or you see anything built up inside, you can clean them out with a little hydrogen peroxide and a cotton ball. Simply dip the cotton ball into the peroxide and gently wipe out the ear making sure not to go deep into the ear cavity. Doing this will remove any nasty residue and infection from the skin temporarily and help to kill germs in the affected area. You can do this every few days while feeding a raw diet to help maintain the healthy skin.
  3. Wash away the yeast on the skin.  Get rid of the stinky yeast from the outside while the new diet is working on the inside, to help keep them comfortable. Giving your dog a regular bath with a natural shampoo can help keep yeast off of the skin's surface allowing it to breathe and stay healthy. Dinovite's DogOsuds Essential oil blend shampoo is a great skin soother. It contains Tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties that help keep the skin and coat soft and infection free! With these three tools in your belt, you'll be ready to tackle that yeast and have it gone in time to decorate your tree! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Dinovite gang!