Shedding Breeds?

Today we'll debunk a popular myth that some breeds just shed, or are "known for shedding."

Years ago I believed there were two types of dog and cat breeds: ones that don't shed, like poodles and long haired dogs and cats, and ones that do shed, like short haired breeds. I personally love short haired breeds so I thought I was doomed to a life of sweeping up dog and cat hair. Fortunately, I've learned that it doesn't have to be this way!

Do Your Hairballs Have Hairballs?

Depending on where they live, shorter haired breeds will normally shed their thick winter coat in the spring and in the fall. This is generally known as “blowing their coat" or seasonal shedding. If your dog or cat sheds constantly, excessively, or if his hair is stiff and brittle, that’s an abnormal condition that may be caused by poor nutrition.

Without the proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients, you pet's body doesn't have enough good fats to keep his skin and coat healthy,  leaving his skin itchy and his coat dull. Without the proper nutrition, your pet's body is in a constant state of malnourishment and it's reflected in his coat and skin!

The best way to keep up a shiny, healthy coat and skin that doesn't flake is to feed a high quality, meaty diet. Whether a meaty kibble with no grains, fillers, chemical preservatives, or a raw meat diet,  it should contain meat protein and good fats. Then, adding additional good fats such as  fish oil, meat fats and natural source Vitamin E. LickOchops is a great way to get both omega fatty acids and Vitamin E. Within a few months on a  a good meaty diet and plenty of fats, your furry friend's coat can be silky, soft, and and best of all, still on your pet!

Dinovite® supplements add Omega fatty acids, trace minerals and zinc to your p’s diet. These natural food sources of nutrients are good for maintaining cell structure throughout the body and they promote healthy skin and shiny coat.

  • "I'm writing you again to tell you how well Luca is doing. He  also seems to have a spark that he hasn't had in a long time! I've had him on your vitamins for probably just under 3 months....and his coat is so soft and pretty. Strangers comment on how cleaned and coiffed he looks! I'm sure it's the result of your vitamins. The only other thing he takes regularly is prednizone(sic) and I doubt that it would make his coat this nice. Anyway, I thought I'd let you know! I think your stuff may be a life-saver."Thank you! Julia R
  • "Ed, I started using Dinovite® in March and within one week started to see an amazing improvement with my dog. This stuff REALLY works! I tell everyone about it!" Thank you! Amanda C