Bulldogs are commonly plagued with skin disease. Bulldogs have the sweetest personalities but the foul odor, red bumps, lesions and bulldog skin allergies can make you crazy. What causes Bulldogs to have chronic skin issues? Yeast infections in dogs

Bulldogs Are Performance Animals

I know you're chuckling, bulldogs are couch potatoes, not performance animals. Well, all purebred dogs are technically performance animals. Purebred  dogs were selected over countless generations to excel at a specific task. Tracking, speed, endurance and even companionship are examples of genetic traits. Each trait has associated strengths and weaknesses. Many veterinarians will say that Bulldogs are prone to health problems because it is in their genes. One of the weaknesses I mentioned earlier, a genetic flaw.

I prefer to take a more positive approach and say that because Bulldogs are performance animals they have specific nutritional requirements. After all, athletes wouldn't eat junk food would they?

Thoroughbreds And Bulldogs

To make my point I would like to talk about Thoroughbred horses. Everyone would agree Thoroughbreds are performance bred animals bred for speed. A Thoroughbred breeder/trainer takes great care in feeding his horses. High quality hay, grains and supplements are fed every day to keep Thoroughbreds healthy. Contrast a Thoroughbreds diet to a Mustangs. Mustangs have lived out in the wild west for 100's of years under harsh conditions eating whatever they could find. In fact mustangs are notoriously easy keepers, able to survive and even thrive on very little. Are they fast? Sure. Thoroughbred fast? Not even close.

Is a Mustang better than a Thoroughbred because he needs a fraction of the care? Is a Thoroughbred inferior because he needs the best diet? It comes down to this, if you want the fastest horse you buy a thoroughbred. If you buy a thoroughbred you feed him the best hay, grains and supplements so he will excel.

Bulldogs are like Thoroughbreds, they need the best food and supplements or their health suffers. They do poorly on many dog foods.

Feeding Bulldogs

Bulldogs are typically fed some form of commercial dog food kibble. Kibble dog food has a high carbohydrate content and has been processed under extreme heat and pressure. The high heat and pressure destroys digestive enzymes and delicate nutrients that can leave your Bulldog with a Nutritional Deficiency. Symptoms of a fatty acid deficiency are skin lesions, dry flaky skin and hair loss. Zinc deficiency has crusty scaly skin and excess shedding as symptoms, does this sound like your Bulldog's skin disease?

The best thing you can do is change the way you feed your Bulldog. Have you ever considered a meat based homemade dog food? Bulldogs fed fresh uncooked meat based diets don't have terrible unhealthy skin. Check out our homemade diet it is easy, economical and your Bulldog will love it. We have a couple versions, one has no carbohydrates and we call it our yeast starvation diet. Yeast infections in Bulldogs are common. The other homemade dog food has some rice added but still has a fraction of the carbohydrate content compared to commercial kibble.

Dogs by design are carnivores and scavengers. Bulldogs are no different. A wild dog would typically eat rodents, birds and other small animals. Packs of dogs would occasionally take down larger prey, usually the sick and weak. Dogs also are fond of partially  digested herbivore droppings, I know it's gross but true. A dog's digestive tract is very short so not well equipped to draw nutrients out of plant matter so they eat the droppings to get their veggies so to speak:)

As you can see what we feed Bulldogs today is very different from their design. Are you feeding a grain rich carbohydrate dog food to an animal designed to efficiently digest whole animals. A performance animal to boot?

It is important to feed a Bulldog what he is designed to eat. Meats, cartilage, animal fats, oils and digestive enzymes. Commercial dog food has another problem it has been cooked to death. The high heat and pressure destroys delicate nutrients, enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Your Bulldog needs these to thrive. Most dogs when tested are enzyme deficient. It's no wonder when they eat a heat processed food their whole lives. People are realizing that many of their Bulldog's problems are caused by the food they're eating daily. Dogs are also routinely poisoned by aflatoxin and melamine in dog food. Dog food recall after dog food recall. What are we feeding our Bulldogs?

Check out our Homemade Dog Food and purchase the two supplements to make your own dog food.

Special note: It is important to add the supplements to the dog food recipe to prevent nutritional deficiencies in your Bulldog. Watch our Homemade Dog Food Video and get started today!

Here is a quick list of ingredients you will need to get started making our Homemade Dog Food.

Homemade Dog Food Ingredients

  • 5 pounds ground meat ( I use 70/30, this is the high fat content ground meat, but you can use the highest fat content you can find near you.)
  • 9 eggs
  • White rice
  • Dinovite for Dogs (Supplies digestive enzymes, trace minerals, fatty acids, vitamins and Direct Fed Microbials)
  • 1 tube of Lickochops (Supplies additions Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty Acids and Natural source vitamin E)

Special note: Dogs have a very acidic stomach (PH of 1) environment that kills the bacteria on fresh meat. This is how they can eat fresh meat and not get sick. It is also why dogs can knock over garbage cans, eat the contents and live to do it again the next week. After all they are scavengers. It all makes sense.

This Dog Food Recipe is easy and economical to make.

Bulldogs fed raw food diets have healthy skin.