Go to www.dinovite.com and click on My Account in the very upper left corner of any page on our site.  (see screenshot attached.)

This will take you to the LOG IN page, where you will enter your username (email address) and password.  

You will immediately be taken to your Account Page where you will click on Address Book (left column menu item).

Once in your address book, you will see the titles Billing Address and Shipping Address.  Click on which of these you need to edit.  You will see in the screenshot attached here that I am in the Shipping Addresses section.  From this page you can edit an existing Billing Address or Shipping Address, as well as Add a New Address.  

Above the addresses, you will see a Pencil Icon and a Trash Can Icon.  Click on the Pencil to make changes to an existing address.  Click on the Trash Can to delete that address. 

To add a NEW address, you can click on the link that states "add a new address" OR you can click on the + sign in the circle on the area to the right of your addresses. (See screenshot/picture attached)

If at any time, you need assistance, please call us, email us or online chat with us.  We'd be happy to help.