Dinovite GOAL: Work to the full daily serving of Dinovite for Dogs
How's the Dinovite introduction going? Getting into a diet routine is everything right now. 

Make sure you are serving Dinovite for Dogs EVERY DAY. If you have the LickOchops or SuprOmega Fish Oils, serve this every day, too.  By now, you should almost be to a full serving (1 full scoop per day) of the Dinovite for Dogs powder. How has your pet adjusted to the new addition to their diet? Are you seeing anything different on the outside, by chance?

Remember, building an immune system can take a while, don't give up!

You are just at the start of something really amazing for your dog. Great things are happening on the inside and will soon show on the outside.

Having trouble introducing Dinovite to your picky eater? Don't panic and don't give up! If your buddy is being finicky, CLICK HERE for some helpful tips or watch the clip to the left. Or better yet, give us a call! We have a team ready to chat with you about your buddy at 859.428.1000.

You are what you eat:
Do you know what to look for when making diet choices?

Are you a label reader? You really should be when it comes to the well-being of your dog. Remember, Dinovite builds off a strong diet base. The better the diet (food, treats, snacks, anything that your animal ingests) all will play in as factors of how your pet will benefit from Dinovite products.

Make the switch to a meatier food now for a happy dog later! Watch this clip to the right for some tips to Choosing the Best Dog Food:

Dinovite is an all natural whole food supplement that works along with your dog's food. Making sure their base food is as nutritious as possible is the first step! Meat protein is the most important component to your dog's food. Without it, your dog will be miserable! Dinovite contains vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. These vitamins support a nutritious diet.


Let's break down some important details: In the United States, dog foods labeled as "complete and balanced" must meet standards established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) either by meeting a nutrient profile or by passing a feeding trial.

Critics argue that due to the limitations of the trial and the gaps in knowledge within animal nutrition science, the term "complete and balanced" is inaccurate and even deceptive. An AAFCO panel expert has stated that "although the AAFCO profiles are better than nothing, they provide false securities."

Certain manufacturers label their products with terms such as premium, ultra premium, natural and holistic. Such terms currently have no legal definitions. There are also varieties of dog food labeled as "human-grade food". Although no official definition of this term exists, the assumption is that other brands use foods that would not pass US Food and Drug Administration inspection according to the Pure Food and Drug Act or the Meat Inspection Act.

The ingredients on the label must be listed in descending order by weight before cooking. This means before all of the moisture is removed from the meat, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients used.
With this background, WHAT qualifies as a better pet food? Read More...


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