Dinovite GOAL: Keep the momentum moving forward.

The hard work you have been implementing really should start to show some outward results now or very soon. Starting Dinovite products is a 90-day process to best results. You're roughly about 60-70 days in at this point.
Are little things catching your eye about your pet? There could be more pep to his step or even a sparkle in his eye.
Pets who are being supported nutritionally from the inside, they just feel better. Their body is getting the delicate nutrition it was meant to have each day. Remember, using Dinovite for Dogs is a lifestyle change.
To maintain the well being of your animals skin, coat, digestive track and immune system, know that they will need Dinovite for Dogs in thier daily routine.


There is such a thing as normal shedding: When is shedding normal?
Losing a heavy winter coat in the spring or losing a thin coat to make way for a thicker one for the colder months ahead, are all okay for cats and dogs. This is the natural and healthy shedding cycle both cats and dogs go through. It naturally prepares their bodies for the changing seasons. 

Shedding is a natural loss of hair in that allows a new coat to come in. ALL dogs and cats shed. Shedding varies from breed to breed. Longhaired dogs/cats may appear to shed more, however, it's just an illusion of the hair length!
The shed will last anywhere from a few weeks to even past a month.

CLICK HERE to learn about What kind of shedding is normal...
Are Some Breeds Known for Shedding?

What will Dinovite do during a shed season?
Keep serving Dinovite. Dinovite's nutrition will ensure the new coat that is growing in will be supported, tight and strong. The shedding season will pass, and your kitty or pup will be back to shed free soon!  You can double up if you want to, this won't stop the shedding, but it can help by providing them with extra nutrients.

*Note: If you do decide to double up, Dinovite box will not last a full 90 days.

So what can be done to get the flurry of fur under control?

Let's face it, some dogs and cats shed....ALOT. However, you CAN do something about it!
Grooming is the key during seasonal shedding or even during a purge. They are going to lose the fur either way, so it's best if YOU remove the majority rather than the majority floating around your house. Brushing your dog or cat at least once a day will greatly reduce the amount of unwanted hair "tumbleweeds" rolling around!


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