We're so grateful to be working alongside you, with your pet.
Our dog's are like family and it is an honor that you have welcomed Dinovite into your family routine for the past couple of months.
Making lifestyle changes with your dog has been a process. When you came to Dinovite with the issues your dog had been facing, you knew he didn't get that way overnight and he didn't get better overnight either. Every dog is different, but when you make good lifestyle choices, like balanced nutrition, time only helps this show improvement in your pet's life.

Keep in mind that the progress of the past couple of months will only continue if you keep the lifestyle changes in place. If you stop the routine you have put in place over the last few months, there is a very good chance your buddy will again show the issues you came to us with. WHY? When you stop serving the levels of nutrition that Dinovite and a meaty based diet provide, nutritional gaps will open back up as they are not being filled. Put things in place to keep the great routine you have started over 75 days ago, in place for a bright future for your pet

Remember, if your dog is not eating the full scoop of Dinovite for dogs each day, he is not getting enough supplement to fully support his immune system and body functions. Remember, Dinovite for Dogs will only work if our pet is consuming it each day. It is best for them to consume the correct amount as well.

If your pet is still being fussy, please don't get aggravated or give up. Let us help you work with your pet.
 CLICK HERE for some helpful tips. Or better yet, give us a call! We have a team ready to chat 
with you about your buddy at 859.428.1000.

Did you know... Dinovite for Dogs contains delicate nutrients, omega fatty acids and zinc for excessive shedding and good skin. Digestive enzymes and "Direct Fed Microbials" to help support a healthy immune system and lots of other good things. Dinovite gives your furry friend delicate nutrients, minerals, and enzymes that are cooked out of your pet's food.

It is a great idea to continue the routine you have put in place over the past few weeks and months. When the delicate nutrients, minerals, and enzymes that are found in Dinovite are not added to fortify a balanced diet, you may notice your pet itching, scratching, shedding more.
The body doesn't create it's own delicate nutrients, minerals, and enzymes, nutritional gaps will re-open.

Keep the nutritional gaps closed, stay on track with a balanced meat based diet fortified with 
Dinovite for Dogs.

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