Dinovite GOAL: Choose nutritious treats and snacks for your dog

Getting a diet routine down pat is really important right now. Make sure you are serving Dinovite Liquid EVERY DAY. If you have the LickOchops or SuprOmega Fish Oils, serve this every day, too.  By now, you should be to a full serving (1-2 teaspoons per cup of food, per day) of the Dinovite Liquid. Dinovite Liquid will work its best when it is served every day. Skipping days can hold your pet back.

If your buddy is being finicky or hard headed, DON'T GIVE UP or get frustrated. We have worked with fussy pets and can get your pet through this. 
CLICK HERE for some helpful tips, or better yet, give us a call! We have a team ready to chat with you about your buddy at 859.428.1000. 

Last week, we chatted about "You are what you eat"...
Did you know, this applies to treats and snacks, too?

Treats may seem harmless, but they could really be dangerous for your dog. On top of that, the hard work you are putting into making better diet choices for your pet doesn't need to be held back by filler filled treats.

Here are some things to be aware of when you are treating your dog:
Artificial Flavorings: (bacon "flavor" or beef "flavor") 
These may seem harmless, but they can contain all kinds of chemicals and other things that aren't good for us, and surely not good for them!

Carbs, Grains, and Starches: 
It may seem a bit redundant, but we forget sometimes, that dog biscuits are made of carbs, grains, and starches. Usually, the first ingredient in your dog cookies are.....drumroll, please.........WHEAT! yep! I said it! They are nothing but wheat, wheat flour, or other types of carby flour to make in all good sense, a baked "cookie." This has just the same effect on them as eating a carb filled food for their main diet every day. Get rid of the cookies! 

Propylene Glycol:
This is a dangerous additive that is not only in many dog treats but is in
 our human grade food and products as well! Take a peek at your toothpaste or body lotions! This nasty chemical is derived from antifreeze and over time can pose a serious threat to their internal organs. This can make their overall health decline and can shorten their lifespan considerably. Read the small print carefully!

So, what kind of treat should you feel safe serving? A treat that is meaty and one that you can pronounce and understand all of the ingredients that make the product of course. Luckily, Dinovite has that covered for your buddy. 

You're Being smart and are feeding a better food, but are you as choosy about your pet's snacks? Don't hold back the hard work you have already put in place with bad snacking habits.
How about feeding a snack that is not junk food?

Other snacks are full of corn, wheat, fillers and chemical preservatives. Yuck! Stuff your pets just don't need. Really, read the labels and compare. You will see that most pet snacks are full of junk you can't even pronounce, which are terrible for your dog and cat. Show your cat and dog that you really care, give them something that is actually good for them as well as tasty!
BTW, small dogs LOVE the NubOnubs Salmon treats and the NubOnubs Chicken and Milk treats.
Four Amazing & Delicious NubOnubs Options:
Beefy,  Green Tripe,  Salmon,  Chicken & Milk

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