Dinovite GOAL: Stay on track and don't give up. 

Checking in to make sure all is going well. Are you nailing the new feeding routine? Adding Dinovite for Cats daily? Have you evaluated your cat's diet to make sure you are not fighting a losing battle by loading him up with carbs, fillers, dyes and other garbage?

Right now in your Dinovite journey, it may feel like you are taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps backward. Don't panic, this is where your buddy should be in their journey. Your pet may even start to purge at right about now. If your pet has yeast, this could be purging out of your pet's body right now. CLICK HERE to read more about yeast purging.

While you may not see it, your cat's digestive tract is boosted every day you feed him well. By combining the best diet you can, with quality supplements from Dinovite, you are fortifying his immune system, too! Just these two things will set the stage for so many external changes that are just around the corner!

Remember, it's been only about a month. Your buddy may still be working on all of those internal changes. This is especially true of a cat who has had a lifelong history of nutritional deficiency.

If your buddy is being finicky, PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP. CLICK HERE for some helpful tips. Or better yet, give us a call! We have a team ready to chat with you about your buddy at 859.428.1000. 

To ensure you are moving in the right direction, make sure you are using the LickOchops or the SuprOmega Fish Oil if you ordered this with your Dinovite package. The combination of the nutrition in the powder, plus in the LickOchops or SuprOmega Fish Oil are fantastic. 

Essential Fatty Acids are THE KEY to a Supported Skin and Coat

We've learned about what to eliminate from your pet's diet but we haven't really discussed what to ADD to it! Omega fatty acids are a vital part of the nutritional requirements of dogs, cats and US too!

Without these, the skin and hair will be lackluster and dry, even itchy. Joints may be more stiff and uncomfortable in senior or aging pets and digestive troubles may occur such as constipation. (these fatty oils are the grease that keep your nutritional wheel turning smoothly!) Learn More about Omega fatty acids here. 



LickOchops Fatty Acid Supplement: LickOchops is a natural fatty acid blend oil that provides Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Cats LOVE its yummy taste and it goes together with the powdered supplement easily, just drizzle a teaspoon or two into their dish along with their food and Dinovite and voila! 

SuprOmega Fish oil: SuprOmega is an easy to pour or pump cold-pressed menhaden fish oil supplement that packs a punch of Omega 6 fatty acids and natural vitamin E, to promote a shiny coat, skin and keep joints well oiled. Serve similar to LickOchops Fatty acid supplement. Just drizzle a few teaspoons into your cat's food along with Dinovite powdered supplement and watch them go to town!

Thump, thump, THUMP, THUMP... The Saga of the Itching & Scratching Cat

All hours of the day or night, a constant thumping of a foot and jingling of the collar. Too many cat owners are dealing with the annoying irritation of an itchy cat.

Cats will begin scratching their fur for countless reasons, ranging from allergies to fleas to filth, but most of the time, it could be an underlying yeast infection.

Yeast on cats is caused by a yeast 

called Candida albicans. Candida albicans is an opportunistic yeast that normally inhabits the body and intestinal tract of our pets. The job of candida Albicans in cats is to recognize and destroy harmful bacteria. In a healthy cat's body, candida Albicans is controlled by a properly functioning immune system and "friendly" bacteria. However, if a cat's immune system is weakened, the number of friendly bacteria decreases, and candida Albicans will shift from yeast form (a non-invasive, sugar-fermenting organism) to fungal form (invasive, mucosa damaging) - the cat's yeast infection starts.

Signs of a Cat's yeast infection:
*Cat has stinky skin, that comes from the inside.

*Cat has chronic ear problems, stinky goopy itchy ears; do you clean, medicate, deodorize your cat's ears continually?

*Cat has itchy skin, paw licking, skin rashes and scabs.  Are you up all night listening to your cat lick and dig?

*Cat has oily fur & flaky skin, brittle coat. Do you hesitate to pet your cat because of what ends up on your hands?  Does your house smell like your "sour milk" cat?

Read more about how to stop the itch and handle the yeast

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