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Of course, by now your buddy should be getting 1 full scoop of Dinovite for Cats supplement each day. If he's not eating the full scoop, he is not getting enough supplement to fully support his immune system. Remember, Dinovite for Cats will only work if our pet is consuming it each day. It is best for them to consume the correct amount as well.

If your pet is still being fussy, please don't get aggravated or give up. Let us help you work with your pet.
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Are you dealing with pest?

Just the thought of our beloved pets having fleas or ticks is enough to make your skin crawl. Knowing how harmful they can be to our furry friends is enough to make one cry!

Fleas and ticks get their nutrition by ingesting your pet's blood. A large flea infestation can cause anemia and other medical disorders. This is why it is so important to keep your cat or cat flea-free.

Did you know fleas and ticks are dangerous disease carriers, as well? Fleas can transmit tapeworms and cause allergic reactions, which can lead to scratching, scabs, hair loss, and infection. Ticks can potentially carry the bacteria Lyme disease, a serious condition characterized by lameness, swollen joints, and fever.

Your dogs and cats are not the only ones at risk from these nasty pests. Fleas and ticks don't care who they bug to get a meal, so people need to take caution against this pest as well.

Good news though is that you do have tools to use against this nasty pest. Prevention is the best steps to a happy flea/tick free season. 
Here's a quick checklist:

1. Build Up the Immune Systems - Fleas, ticks and other pesky creatures pick the weakest immune system they can find to use as a host. This helps them keep a tight rule over the host. If your dog or cat has a good healthy immune system, this will help to lessen the amount of fleas and ticks attracted to them. Keep serving your Dinovite for Cats DAILY for a supported immune.

2. Keep Things Clean - 
Keeping your pet's bed and living area clean will help reduce the number of pests taking over your house. Wash your cat or dog's bed regularly, maintain good pet hygiene, scooping litter boxes, sweeping and mopping as needed. If you have carpet, regular vacuuming will help keep fleas from spreading. (Make sure to dump vacuum canister in an outside trash can to prevent fleas from jumping back into your carpet.)

3. Go Natural - 
Some forms of plants oils are great for deterring the fleas and ticks. They smell nice to us, but spell disaster ahead for the pest! Lemongrass, Lavender oil, Peppermint, and Rosemary are some of the best oils to use. Just be aware that cats can be sensitive to some essential oils.

If you have hard floors, you can add a few drops of natural oils to your mop water for a refreshing clean scent plus, pest repelling power!

Did you know: NomOflea KILLS fleas and ticks WITHOUT poisons?

Do you dread all the craziness and hazards that go along with pest control?
With so many dangers in the products designed to keep your pet flea and tick free, how comfortable are you with all these chemically hazardous options? Have you ever read the warnings on the side of the package to these poisonous options? YIKES!

This is where NomOflea comes in! Dinovite's NomOflea Flea & Tick Spray and Household Flea & Tick Spray are 100% chemical free, dye free and non-poisonous!

To explain how it works, let's review a little biology:

Fleas are insects and ticks are arachnids both are invertebrates, meaning they don't have a backbone.

Instead, both fleas and ticks have an exoskeleton and it serves the following functions:
- protective covering over the body
- surface for muscle attachment
- sensory interface
water-tight barrier against desiccation (dehydration)

A flea and a tick's exoskeleton has a waxy layer that keeps their body fluids in. This is part of the water-tight barrier of protection. 
Nomoflea dissolves and emulsifies this waxy protective layer of fleas and ticks. Without this waxy protective layer on their exoskeleton, they rapidly lose their body fluids, dehydrate and die. Nomoflea is a polypeptide protein molecule specifically engineered to dissolve this waxy covering of a flea or tick's exoskeleton and it is made out of vegetable oil! You heard that right, vegetable oil!
Fleas and ticks need to come in direct contact with Nomoflea so that it can dissolve the waxy protective layer of their exoskeleton. So, we provide a spray to directly apply on your dog or cat and the household spray that has more particles for residual action in carpet, and on pet bedding. Both forms are effective for up to 30 days!

NomOflea products are a great solution for families with children and multiple pets! No more shouting,"DON'T PET THE DOG/CAT, he just got dipped!"

Watch the video above for additional details about the best and
safest flea and tick solution to hit the market! 

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