SPRING TIME!  Daffodils, Longer Days, Spring Peepers....and DOG HAIR!  Why does it catch me off guard every spring and every fall?  

I have two dogs, a 100 lb. black German Shepherd and a 12 lb. black and white terrier.  And they truly shed very little. Ace, my big guy, sneaks up on my cream colored couch in the sun porch and I know this by a few black hairs and a huge indentation.  Daisy, my little girl, sits on my lap and sleeps in my bed and rarely do I find dog hair.  

So, last week, sitting in a meeting at Dinovite, I was shocked to find a few white hairs on my dark red shirt. And WHAT were these black tumbleweeds of hair moving across my floors? Then it dawned on me....It's SHEDDING SEASON!  

Every year, twice a year, I am surprised by the dog hair that floats through my house and sticks to my clothes.  I'm surprised that I'm surprised!  LOL!  I mean, it comes with the light/season cycle, and it's as consistent as the rising and setting of the sun, but somehow, I"m always blown away by the amount of hair that comes off my dogs during seasonal shedding.  

So, if your pets, both dogs and cats, are suddenly shedding more than usual, don't be so shocked.  'Tis the season.  And this too shall pass!  So hang in there for the next 3-5 weeks. We will all get through this together!

Tip# 1 Don't Stress.

Don't sweat it, all dogs and cats shed heavily twice a year, usually in the Spring and in the Fall.  This is normal shedding, and they should finish up in about 4 weeks.  Get out the broom, the lint brush and the CarPet and be prepared.  

Tip# 2 Omega Fatty Acids. 

Omega Fatty Acids are essential nutrients that your pet needs for healthy skin and coat.  And the healthier the skin and coat, the shorter the seasonal shedding!  So add a bit more LickOchops or SuprOmega to your pet's high quality, meaty diet/food. Give your pet the tools needed to fly through this shedding season.  

Tip# 3 Brushing.

Of course, the more often you brush your pet, the less hair you will be vacuuming off your floors and furniture.  For my dogs, a medium length coat and a short coat, I prefer a nubby rubber glove or our CarPet tool.  Even just a short rubdown helps.  Whatever hair is left in the yard, is less hair you have in your house or car.