No one works harder to assure your happiness than your dog!  

Who is always waiting for you to walk through the door, ready to greet you with undying enthusiasm?  

Who sleeps with one eye open so you can snore the night away? 

Who is always ready to clean up, at the drop of a chip?  

Your dog! That's who!

No one deserves the spa treatment as much as your dog! Why not treat him to DogOsuds? 

Here at Dinovite, we use the highest quality, organic saponified oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba as the base for our DogOsuds shampoos. To this, we add therapeutic grade essential oils specifically chosen for their skin soothing properties. We do not add "fragrances" or artificial ingredients that can irritate.

DogOsuds Peppermint/Tea Tree Shampoo contains a blend of therapeutic grade peppermint and tea tree essential oils in a base of organic saponified oils like coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba.  This combination is wonderfully soothing for skin, smells amazing and rinses instantly.  The tea tree oil in DogOsuds naturally obliterates yeast on the skin, soothes itchy skin, has natural insect repelling properties and is included in a safe, small amount.  Peppermint is cooling and refreshing for skin and the enticing scent makes for a spa experience for you and your dog!


NOTE: ONLY the Unscented DogOsuds variety is suitable for cats or ferrets.  There are studies of the possible side effects of essential oils on cats and we do not want you to take any chances with your furry friend!