Everywhere you turn, there's mention of Coronavirus, COVID-19.  Turn on your TV, there it is.  It blares from your car radio.  It's the subject of podcasts, online news sources and yes, now from Dinovite!  

With all this info about how how this virus is spreading through cruise ships full of vacationers or being introduced into pockets of our communities by business travelers, and with multiple videos, articles and memes on best way to wash your hands and to cough into your elbow, very little is being said about if and how Coronavirus can be transmitted to or by your pets.

I honestly didn't think this was a virus my dog or cat could get, because that just sounds ludicrous. Shockingly, when I started looking into it, I found that there has been a case of Coronavirus in a dog in China.  However, the article points out that there is a difference between the dog being infected vs. contaminated with the virus.

Most sources agree that pets are not susceptible to being infected by this variety of Coronavirus, COVID-19.  But as the virus can live outside the human for a time, this pup may simply be contaminated with the virus. The virus may be transmitted to his fur, collar, leash, clothing via touch or droplets.

"Present evidence suggests that dogs are no more of a risk of spreading (coronavirus) than inanimate objects such as door handles," wrote Sheila McClelland, the founder of Hong Kong-based Lifelong Animal Protection Charity (LAP), in a letter to the Hong Kong authorities, which she shared with CNN.  The CNN Wire & 2020 Cable News Network, Inc.

So my suggestion would be to keep your pets home, away from crowds and from places that you or they may be susceptible to exposure to this virus, but more for your protection than for theirs.  If you are like me, who loves to snuggle up to my pup, I'd prefer not to be concerned about any "droplets" they may have been exposed to.  

And if your dog does travel with you, into crowds, on public transportation, parks and you suspect has been in some way contaminated with the virus from droplets or from human touch, then a good, long shampoo bath (the same as washing your hands) would certainly help.  

No need to panic.  Be smart.  Use common sense.  Avoid large gatherings. Wash your hands and wash your dog.  And if we all do the small things, then in 14-20 days, we may be hearing a lot less about the spread of this virus.  

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