It doesn't have to be Cinco de Mayo to make fish tacos for your cat!  Use your imagination and your cat's preferences to create something spectacular!  We'd recommend using human foods because we all know that your buddy could simply walk away without even tasting it!  

Taco Cat Tacos

1 small can of tuna in water, drained

green and red bell pepper, finely chopped

sour cream (optional for a cat with dairy problems)

shredded cheese (optional for a cat with dairy problems)

Small street taco shells

Dinovite for Cats (optional)

LIckOchops (optional)

Saute peppers until soft.  Add tuna to the pan and warm.  Put mixture in a bowl and add a very small amount of sour cream and mix.  Put mixture into taco shells, sprinkle with a tiny amount of Dinovite for Cats, and drizzle with a tiny amount of LickOchops.  Top with a small amount of cheese if desired.

Serve to your cat!  The same recipe can be made into Purritos, just roll it differently or skip the shell altogether and serve without.  

NOTE:  This recipe is meant as a special treat for your cat, not a diet.  Indulging your cat for a celebration is fun, but avoid overindulging.