Taurine is somewhat of a buzzword these days when it comes to cats.  

If you have a cat, you have undoubtedly heard the word taurine.  You know it’s something that is good for your cat but do you know what taurine actually is, and why it should be part of your cat’s daily diet?

What is Taurine?

Taurine is an amino acid.  Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.  And taurine is only found in animal based proteins.  Your cat won’t get this from plant sources.

For a cat, taurine is an “essential” amino acid.  This means that your cat must get taurine from its diet, because he cannot synthesize it in his body.  Cat’s cannot produce or synthesize taurine, which makes it an essential amino acid.

What is the Role of Taurine?

Taurine has many important roles in your cat’s healthy bodily functions.  These include vision, digestion, muscle development, immune system function and fetal development for the pregnant cat. 

Cats also metabolize taurine quickly so it’s important to include taurine in your cat’s diet daily.

Foods Containing Taurine

Taurine can only be found in animal based proteins and a cat’s diet should be loaded with high quality, hydrated, meaty proteins.  Although cat food companies are required to add taurine to commercial cat foods, heat processing can actually destroy this nutrient. 

The best sources of taurine are high quality organ meats or whole food supplements that are not heat processed and contain organ meats.  

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means their nutritional requirements are for muscle meat, organ meat and bone.  Cats have no nutritional requirements for carbs or starches.  

What Does Taurine Deficiency Look Like?

Taurine deficiency can cause cardiomyopathy, digestive issues, retinal degeneration leading to blindness, pregnancy and fetal development complications.

In a Nutshell

  • Cats are obligate carnivores that cannot synthesize taurine, a essential nutrient for their health.
  • Cats require taurine daily.
  • Taurine is only found in meat. 
  • Heat processing of commercial cat foods can minimize the amount of taurine. 
  • Adding taurine to your cat’s diet daily is vital and super easy by using Dinovite for Cats daily.
  • Adding 100% freeze dried meaty NubOnubs Meal Booster and NubOnubs Rabbit Treats to the mix is a great way to add taurine to your cat's diet, as both contain organ meats, naturally rich in taurine.