Dinovite is a change of dietary lifestyle.  It is adding the nutrients to your pet's diet that he may not be getting in his current diet.  When a dog or cat is lacking in specific but required nutrients, he can display nutritional deficiency disease symptoms such as itchy skin, chronic ear issues, paw licking, excess shedding, stinky skin even after a bath, digestive issues, etc.

When you fill in the nutritional gaps in your pet's diet, these nutritional deficiency disease symptoms disappear.

Dinovite is not a medication.  It's not a "seasonal solution". It's a whole food supplement loaded with the nutrients dogs and cats need every single day. 

By feeding the best possible diet, including the nutrients in Dinovite products, you are improving your pet's diet and giving him the tools needed to achieve optimal health, from the inside out.  With proper nutrition, your pet will thrive.  Without proper nutrition, your pet will simply go back to the miseries he experienced in the past.

So, Consumption is Key!  Dinovite is a permanent part of a healthy diet for your pet.  Without these nutrients, your pet's original miseries can return.  

It may take 90 days to help your pet using nutrition, but once he's happy, you should continue feeding him this same way!