We have used chicken and turkey in this recipe, as well as beef, for our dogs and have had a good outcome.

We have not used venison in this recipe, however we have had people tell us that they do.  Keep in mind that venison is very lean compared to beef and additional fats may be needed.

We have not used fish in this recipe either so we cannot really advise you about this. 

We have had folks tell us that they raise a specific type of animal like sheep, goats, chickens, etc. and use this meat in their homemade dog food.  

What meat protein source you use in this recipe is your choice.  It is a good idea to switch it up a bit to see how your dog does on different types of meats. 

Organ meats such as heart, kidney and liver are excellent sources of protein for this recipe and can be added to the recipe as part of the meat protein portion of the recipe.