Dinovite for Dogs is a whole food supplement.  Basically, it's a supplement that contains nutrients a dog requires but may not be getting in his diet.  Dinovite contains vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, enzymes and beneficial bacteria.  We recommend using Dinovite for Dogs along with a high quality, meaty dog food or homemade diet.  (See link below to get a review of your dog's current food.)

Dinovite is made right here in Crittenden KY from high quality, US sourced ingredients. 

Dinovite is fed at one scoop per day.  The correct size scoop comes in the box with each size Dinovite for Dogs.  One scoop per day can be fed at one feeding or split up between several feedings.  There are instructions on the inside lid of the box to introduce Dinovite to your dog slowly over a 12 day period of time. 

For a dog who is truly miserable or has been miserable for a long time, you can double the amount of Dinovite you feed your dog daily.  The 90 day supply of Dinovite will NOT last 90 days if fed at more than one scoop per day. 

Dinovite for Dogs is a natural, whole food supplement.  Because of this, the color of this product can vary from tan to brown to green.  The product is the same and we use the exact same formulation for every single batch.

Helpful Videos about feeding Dinovite for Dogs:

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