Dinovite for Cats is a whole food supplement.  Basically, it's a supplement that contains nutrients a cat requires but may not be getting in his diet.  Dinovite contains vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, enzymes and beneficial bacteria.  We recommend using Dinovite for Cats along with a high quality, meaty cat food or homemade diet.  Scroll down for a video on feeding Dinovite to your cat! 

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means their nutritional requirements should be met solely through meat, organ meats and bones.  Cats have no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates/starches.  So, their diet should be a super meaty diet with a minimum or absence of carbs/starches.

Dinovite for Cats comes with LickOchops or optionally, with SuprOmega.  Dinovite for Cats works in conjunction with these omega supplements to supply nutrients all felines need in their diets. 

Dinovite is made right here in Crittenden KY from high quality, US sourced ingredients.  

Cats are notoriously finicky and get stuck on a specific food.  They normally don't like changes to their diet.  So, we recommend putting a pinch...literally a few grains...of Dinovite for Cats powder and one drop...yes, a literal single drop...of Lickochops or SuprOmega in the bottom of your cat's bowl.  Then put your cat's food on top.  Don't mix it.  Allow your cat to eat down to the product each day to get used to the smell and taste of something different in his food.  Don't be in a hurry to up the amount.  Take your time introducing the products to your cat. 

Dinovite is fed at one scoop per day, after the introduction period.  The correct size scoop comes in the box with each size Dinovite for Cats.  One scoop per day can be fed at one feeding or split up between several feedings.

For a cat who is truly miserable or has been miserable for a long time, you can increase the amount of Dinovite you feed your cat daily, working your way up slowly to 1 1/2 scoops of Dinovite per day.  The 90 day supply of Dinovite will NOT last 90 days if fed at more than one scoop per day. 

To introduce Dinovite to your cat, please use the yellow and orange sticker on the inside of the Dinovite for Cats box lid.  This will instruct you how to introduce Dinovite to your cat over the course of about 12 days, working up from 1/4 scoop to a full scoop.  You will also see pictures on the back of the box which will help.

Helpful Videos about feeding Dinovite for Cats:

For a homemade cat food recipe, please go to our Homemade Cat Food Recipe.

Products that work well with Dinovite for Cats:

LickOchops - Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E supplement

SuprOmega - Omega 3, Vitamin E supplement